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Only a handful of writers and intellectuals asked if this was an appropriate response to the horrors of a world war. The German Nazi censors were often more liberal than the French Vichy ones and material that could be banned in the Unoccupied Zone could be available in Paris and the Occupied Zone. Yes, there was censorship, but, apart form the anti-Semitism, it was often very irregularly applied. Pablo Picasso, whose art was officially banned, continued to paint in his Left Bank apartment. Over the next four years, the artistic life of Paris flourished with as much verve as in peacetime.

The only consolation was that, while the swastika now flew over Paris, the City of Light was undamaged.

Eight days later, a humbled France accepted defeat along with foreign occupation. So there were different rules. Riding often contrasts where the Germans felt inferior to the French culturally e. And then, a bunch of artists, either actively involved in these groups and anti-groups or just wanting to be left alone to do their thing.

So there wereEight days later a humbled

Throughout this penetrating and unsettling account, Riding keeps alive the quandaries facing many of these artists. It was a very messy place.