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Obviously, in the factory, testing every state is impractical if testing each state takes a microsecond, and there are more states than the number of microseconds since the universe began. Even so, many of these machines had complex, well-rehearsed repair procedures, and would be nonfunctional for hours because a tube burned-out, or a moth got stuck in a relay. Often this can be done outside of the factory by updating the product's software. Engineers explored numerous electronic devices to get a favourable combination of these personalities. Many digital systems are data flow machines.

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These were very fast, but generated heat, and were unreliable because the filaments would burn out. With computer-controlled digital systems, new functions to be added through software revision and no hardware changes. Digital circuits are sometimes more expensive, especially in small quantities. Examples of widely used asynchronous circuits include synchronizer flip-flops, switch debouncers and arbiters. It turns out that just a few relatively simple synchronization circuits are needed.

Digital systems must manage noise and

Many computer architects serve an extended apprenticeship as microprogrammers. Building an asynchronous system using faster parts makes the circuit faster. However, a base station has grid power and can use power-hungry, but very flexible software radios. Some analysis methods only work with particular representations.

This could eliminate the need for a separate chip containing those different types of gates. Digital systems must manage noise and timing margins, parasitic inductances and capacitances, and filter power connections. Integrated circuits are usually interconnected on a printed circuit board which is a board which holds electrical components, and connects them together with copper traces. Manufacturing yields were also quite low by today's standards.