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Ohnishi Nonreflecting boundaries for the discontinuous deformation analysis, Y. Wu Numerical manifold method and further developments Application of manifold method to punch loading tests for polymer bonded explosives, K.

Simulation results for their method compares well against available test data for single stream of droplets at nonatmospheric conditions. The method is based on interpolating wavelets and has been tested for incompressible flows over obstacles. Tan Modelling dynamic crack propagation by distinct lattice spring model, H. They represent an excellent cross section of research and developments crucial to issues both in fundamental progress and industrial applications. The accuracy and applicability of their method have been benchmarked for the transient heat conduction, potential flow over a block, and convection-diffusion-type non-self-adjoint problems.

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Song Coupling fluid flow with discontinuous deformation analysis, Y. Kong A study on the stability of a big-section tunnel in karst area, H. Li Contact analysis and foundation reinforcement measures of ship lock on soft foundation, C. Lin Discontinuum based micromechanics modelling methods, G.

Sonoda Computational coupling methods of dynamic problems with different discrete idealizations, K. Sharper and more detailed estimates are necessary, however, to increase their impact on the community. Three papers in the following group focus on novel implementations of developed numerical techniques for a wide range of flow simulations. Chen Investigate water flowing in fractured strata over a gob zone, Z. However, there are physically uncertain properties that have to be fixed in the models and there still lies strong need for verification and validation of the numerical codes.

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Two formulations encompassing the single phase liquids and the coupled motion of the gas-liquid phases are given and tested for large density and viscosity ratios. As recently reported by the Washington Post, airplanes have a huge impact on noise pollution. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to, laminar and turbulent flows, reacting flows, compressible and incompressible flows, and non-Newtonian flows.

Xiong A study on hole-cutting in deep tunneling, S. The Fourier series along with a modified upwinding relation has been utilized for optimal artificial diffusion in convective flow cases. The first four papers present fundamental algorithm developments with underlying important practical applications. The proposed work is expected to enable noticeable improvements in the numerical methods used to study acoustic effects in an air flow around a turboreactor. Wu Modeling method for complex key block based on Nef polyhedra, J.

Kayano Stability analysis and reinforcement evaluation of the left bank slope in Jingping I hydropower station, G. Analyzing the corresponding methods will be a central focus of our work, with application to noise reduction in turboreactors. Therefore, it is important to know the overturning behaviors of these non-structural components under seismic excitations, as well as the behaviors and damages of the building itself. The procedure can be used for both structured and unstructured grids.