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Across the Wire by Luis Urrea download in ePub, pdf, iPad

These are the people who live in Tijuana's garbage dumps. With his elegant non-judgmental style of writing Urrea portrays the residents of garbage dumps, forgotten barrios, shantytowns, and abandoned hillside houses filled with glue sniffers. You probably don't even have a television. The closets, the clothes in the closets.

Some of the chapters are sad, some are horrific, some so beautiful you want to cry - but they're always amazing in that Urrea captures the wonders of the people as they live through it all. Then to the bathroom and the miracle of indoor plumbing.

He tends to sneak themSome Mexican border towns

Some Mexican border towns are strange, confusing, and sometimes wonderful, and Luis Urrea takes us there. He tends to sneak them in near the end.

The more of Urrea's books I read, the more I can see him circling within and between his books, looking for a safe place to land his private moments of pain and joy. One in each room Urrea tells stories from his time spent working as a translator for missionaries in and around the Tijuana garbage dumps. This is not to detract from his well-crafted writing, nor to deny his always respectful and dignified treatment of his subjects. One of Von's pep talks revolved around the unconscionable wealth in the United States. It was sometimes hard to keep reading Urrea's portrayals of these people, unflinchingly honest about disease and decay and and violence and malnutrition.