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In the second episode, Sue planned a birthday party for Jerry on the farm but he has to work. The phone ran and Jerry answered it to learn the show had been cancelled. Jerry was certain that Hank was trying to win Sue back but eventually discovered that Hank was only hiding out at the farm because he owned a lot of people money.

There was also in which Jerry, after dreaming that Sue was in love with him, starts to pursue her thinking she actually did have feelings for him. Ben Blue whom I've always disliked played the farm's handyman, who was ostensibly a source of comic relief. If you can find him, I'll give you half the alimony he owes me. They soon became separated from the rest of the group during a hike and then were trapped in a cave-in.

Sue was dismayed when Hank and Jerry hit it off. Sadness Is a Cancellation. But Jerry was able to convince the judge that he did care about is son. This too might have been resolved if the show had run longer.

The phone ran and

Maybe Sue Kramer owns the farm, maybe not. In the premiere, while trying to get to know his son, Jerry also grapples with the realization that the miles between Las Vegas and the farm is going to make commuting difficult. This was part of the scene, in the original pilot, that introduced Sandy into the story. Living together on a farm, the two had to learn how to parent together.

With the custody agreement firmly in place, episodes of Accidental Family were able to focus on the accidental family itself. When Jerry gets there, he finds out the farm is in worse condition than he realised. This might have changed if the show had run longer.

In the second episode Sue planned